Striving for
success in the contemporary healthcare

Resilience in Health supports health professionals in the development of personal, professional and organisational strength to achieve safe, high quality health care.

Through a range of activities such as seminars, webinars, individual and group sessions Resilience in Health also provides inspirational and contemporary programs for organisations and services.

All these services are offered in a confidential and independent manner. Click on any of the services listed below for a description of what we can offer.


Working in contemporary health care can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life but it can also be stressful and challenging


There are many times during our careers where we could benefit from someone to share their knowledge to guide us in our own development or to offer reassurance on our progress

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision in healthcare has many meanings and is used in a variety of ways

Service Culture
and Team Cohesion

Do you work in a service or team that that has potential but is, at times, non-cohesive and fragmented?


At interview it is natural to want to do your best, to perform in a way that will give you the edge over the competition and you want the panel to recognise your strengths for the position

Curriculum Vitae (CV) Development

Your CV is going to be your best chance at getting selected for an interview.

Resilience in Health runs seminars to promote resilience, build capacity and offer restorative support to health care provider