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3 Habits of Highly Resilient Nurses & Midwives

Nurses who workshop healthy coping strategies re-embrace resilience. Life working as a clinical nurse and midwife have plenty of stressful work experiences. Finding the strength to even simply turn up for work can feel a lonely battle.

The pressures experienced by critical care nurses and midwives contribute to the prevalence of anxiety, depression, burnout syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder. Living in the state of such in balance is overwhelming for the mental health of nurses.

Research shows that mental health is a big contributor to burn-out in nurses and midwives and the high annual turn over rate of nurses and midwives.

“Resilience In Health aim to help nurses and midwives develop stronger coping strategies. Research shows that workshopping human factors is going to increase emotional strength. Feeling empowered to bounce back from difficult clinical situations will go a long way to help reduce the high rate of turnover in nursing,” says nurse training consultant Cathy Adams, PhD in nursing workplace strategies. “Resilience can be strengthened and taught, and this program is an active step in finding resilience .” 

Our resilience training programs work towards resilience strategies for nurses and include resiliency training concepts and activities.

3 Habits of Highly Resilient Nurses

Factors already found to encourage resiliency include a
(1) supportive social network,
(2) attention to physical well-being and
(3) regular check-ins and check-up with nurses for nurses.

3 Habits of Resilient Nurses

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