Resilience In Health

About Us

Resilience in Health strives to influence the development of resilient healthcare teams that feel effective, valued and psychologically safe. 



Our vision is for Resilience in Health to be a part of supporting healthcare teams: 

  • to have the capacity and capability to bounce back during times of stress at work 
  • to be able to continue to provide high quality effective care. 

We aim to provide a range of support services that are tailored to individual needs and circumstances to build and sustain resilience.    

Resilience in Health was inspired by the work both Directors have experienced in the healthcare industry throughout their professional careers.

Resilience in Health Pty Ltd was founded in 2018 by Dr Cathy Adams and Ms Sue Hendy who are Directors.


Dr Cathy Adams

Midwifery Consultant

Sue Hendy Profile Pic

Ms Sue Hendy

Restorative support for nurses and midwives

Sue & Cathy’s Professional Expertise

  • Coaching, mentoring, debriefing and psychological support for midwives and nurses
  • Working with teams to support the development of healthcare environments that facilitate psychological safety for all staff and those receiving care. 
  • Service redesign that meets individual organisational needs
  • Patient safety, review, and management of adverse outcomes. Implementation of harm minimisation principles for staff and patients. 
  • Regulation of health professionals, impairment, conduct and performance management.
  • Rural and remote experience and aeromedical retrieval, working with marginalised groups including Indigenous people, those of cultural diversity, with knowledge of cultural safety and competency, community development and consultation

Do you want to feel like this at work?

It is so difficult to maintain a constant mindfulness power and emotional control when working in health care. We will help you with tips, techniques and practice reminders to stay grounded.