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Human Factors Training in Healthcare

Human factors is an established scientific discipline originating in the aviation industry, and now being adopted in many other safety critical industries. 

Human factors training focuses on optimising human performance through increased understanding of the behaviour of individuals and how they interact with each other and the environment.

Human factors approach to patient safety differs from traditional safety knowledge and skills training as the focus is the cognitive and interpersonal skills needed to efficiently manage a team based, high risk activity 

By acknowledging human limitations, human factor training offers a way to mitigate human failings, so reducing medical error and its consequence. The training offers an integrated, evidenced, and coherent approach to patient safety, quality improvement and clinical excellence. 

Areas covered include introduction to human factors and human error, threat and error management, situational awareness, fatigue, information processing, behaviour management and leadership, decision-making, organisational culture, behavioural markers and analysis of case-based studies. 

If you are interested in setting up a time to discuss how your organisation could access this training or require any further information please find the contact details below.

Accredited Human Factors Health Care Trainer

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