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Interview Coaching – Enhance your career opportunities

“A speech is not a speech until it is said out loud”  Anonymous

At interview it is natural to want to do your best, to perform in a way that will give you the edge over the competition and you want the panel to recognise your strengths for the position. One of the best ways to prepare for that important interview is to have an interview first. This way you can practise the best way to respond to all questions to demonstrate what you can offer.

Resilience in Health can offer this preparation by being your interview panel. We will be challenging where we need to be and very supportive through the process. Your friends and colleagues can also do this, but they may not be constructively critical enough to support your preparation. Let us get you in training so that you are as well prepared as possible.

Seeing your body language and how you conduct yourself when answering questions, can be as informative as hearing the words you say. The interview and discussion would take approximately one hour with additional recommended support as negotiated.

What we will need from you is a copy of the position description for the job and some information about the organisation so that we can understand the priorities for your employment.

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