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Reflective Resilient Rapport

Resilience Rapport

Resilience in Health offers Reflective Resilient Rapport©. This service offers the opportunity for you describe either your clinical practice, a critical workplace incident, an issue within your team or any professional concerns that you may wish to reflect on. This is a dedicated time for you to focus on your concern in a deeply reflective way with our guiding support. Some of you may know this as Clinical Supervision or Reflective Clinical Practice. 

We use the term ‘rapport’ which is from the French  rapporte that suggests a two-way interaction where we can both gain a deeper understanding of your concerns and together reflect on possible ways forward. The overall aim of this therapeutic interaction is to support you to develop tools, techniques and strategies to be able to manage the same issue or concern in a more effective way. 

The process of reflection and the development of strategies aim to strengthen your resilience to meet your professional potential and support personal growth and safety.

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