Support, mentorship, education and training to build skills for personal and professional resilience.

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Resilient Teams and Safe Cultures

Do you work in a service or team that has potential but is, at times, non-cohesive and fragmented? Are the team dynamics and workplace culture a problem? Would you like to be a catalyst for change but feel unable to initiate that change?

Resilience in Health can offer a fresh new approach to a bespoke service designed to take the team members on a revolutionary journey. This will be a stepped approach, consistently evaluated over the course of the activities to ensure that sustainable change can occur.

Resilience in Health can work with you to assess where your team or organisation is now and where you aspire to be. This could include redesigning the way services or care are delivered, it could be working to strengthen the workplace culture to one of authentic engagement and collaboration where psychological safety is evident. The aim of our support is to work with you to create a healthcare environment that is effective, efficient, feels safe and is a desirable place to work.

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