Dr Cathy Adams

Midwifery Consultant

Cathy has nearly 40 years’ experience in nursing and midwifery but has predominantly worked in midwifery. This experience has been as a clinician working in various models of care including continuity of care and homebirth, in various levels of care from tertiary facilities to stand alone birth centres and in various countries including Australia, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.

Cathy has a strong focus on risk mitigation and management strategies to improve outcomes in maternity care. Her PhD was focused on recognition of the workplace readiness to change and ability to reshape in order to provide high quality and safe care. Cathy is passionate about supporting clinicians develop resilience and capacity to reach their full potential both personally and professionally.

Cathy has also held varied roles in these various settings including as a clinical midwife, an educator and for the past 18 years as a Midwifery Consultant. In this role Cathy has been responsible for, or engaged in, activities to establish models of care, implementation of innovative change to practice, midwifery education and research.

Cathy has also been involved in the development of specialised education programs including Maternity Emergencies for the Defence Forces in readiness for deployment and a range of experiential workshops for midwives and obstetricians in remote areas of Vietnam.