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What is a Resilience Training Course?

Resilience is defined as the ability to recover from highly stressful or challenging life events quickly.

Resilience In Health training courses for healthcare workers have been well received as demonstrated by post workshop evaluations and testimonials from healthcare workers.

The aim is to increase and maintain emotional resilience, which includes metallisation, self-compassion and strategies to maintain an ability to bounce back at times of stress. Several studies suggest that a brief, online intervention can improve the mental health of healthcare workers during a crisis.

Resilience Training Course for Healthcare Workers

The RIH healthcare workers courses consists of didactic materials delivered in pre-recorded videos by experienced doctoral level clinicians, testimonials of healthcare workers about their experiences during the stressful situations and their use of the skills taught in the course, and brief experiential exercises.

Session 1 focuses on the concept of resilience and mindfulness skills. Session 2 focuses on enhancing cognitive flexibility via cognitive behavioural and metallisation skills. session 3 focuses on the development of self-compassion. All three sessions emphasise ways to implement these concepts and skills in everyday life, highlighting specific challenges faced by healthcare workers day to day life.

Greater levels of baseline resilience are associated with lower levels of emotional distress.

These skill trainings focused on in the course are designed to foster key emotion regulation capacities, thereby allowing healthcare workers to engage in a type of active resilience building with the aim to improve mental health of healthcare employees.

In summary, providing or attending a brief in-person or online intervention for improving resilience and decreasing emotional distress in healthcare workers is highly recommended.

Resilience In Health provides tailored conferences and courses to meet the needs of individuals or groups.